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Over the years, VIKITEK has helped hundreds of clients hone their Telecommunications strategies to meet the demands of the modern marketplace. Below is a list of our most successful campaigns.

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Argentina Holidays


this is a well established holiday consultatant, provides adventure holidays to remote areas in the beautiful forests and jungles that make up Argentina's diverse countryside. 


Customers come from all over the globe to visit world renowned sites such as 
Iguazu falls, Tierra del fuego and Patagonia.


Argentina Holidays also arrange bare back and group sail holidays around the coast of South America and in International waters.


Their desire was to establish an effective and cost efficient communications network that could be relied upon in the most remote areas or even at sea, by which their clients could remain in touch with friends and family, and at the same time providing a secure means of contacting help for any given emergency.




VIKITEK undertook extensive testing to identify which method of satellite service would suit best the locations and requirements of this company.


After consultation with the holiday firm, we were able to offer a range of services and technical solutions that best suited their needs, including a 24 hour post sales support service.


Argentina Holidays selected a mobile phone system utilizing Iridium based technology which is reliable in the most demanding environments providing safety, convenience and peace of mind wherever their clients may roam!


Chachapoyas, Peru Amazonas, Iquitos Peru agriculturals.



This company wished to increase its profile and develop a more proactive business plan in the international market. Aware of the worldwide demand for agricultural products, our client wished to establish links with companies abroad to whom they could export their services and equipment.



Vikitek launches a major campaign to install and service a major technological upgrade to this remote site situated on the Amazon river in Peru. After training Peru agriculturals' staff in multi-media and internet communications, this company has now implemented and sustained a comprehensive international network of customers and as a direct consequence increased its productivity and turnover by 300 percent. 


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